Sci Fi London 48hour Film Festival Entry

This short was created for the 2010 Sci-Fi-London 48hour Film Challenge.
* Shot on Conon EOS 550d
* Music kindly licensed from

On the morning of Saturday, April 10th, we were supplied with a list of items which must appear in the film:

* A title: “Tinted Light”
* A line of dialogue: “Husband, Husband, what do you mean Husband?”
* Prop list: 4 Fluorescent glow tubes.

We then had 48 hours to make and upload a 3 to 5 minute Sci-Fi short.

Unfortunately, the first 20 hours were all but written off due to circumstances beyond our control. So… with only 28 hours to write, shoot and edit, it was a little manic, but we got there somehow.

Being brutally honest, it’s not going to win us any awards (except maybe worst in show), but it was a hoot to make under such mad circumstances and we hope you have fun watching it. Just don’t laugh too loud, we might hear you!


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