Magic Lantern for EOS 550d

The guys at ML have outdone themselves this time. The 550d code has undergone yet another review this month and is looking better than ever. It now features the following enhancements:

* GUI menus: press the ERASE button to display them, SET/DISP to change values
* Bit rate control (QScale parameter) for the H.264 encoder
* Zebra stripes for overexposed / underexposed areas
* Spotmeter, histogram
* Cropmarks (16:9, Cinemascope, Fisheye)
* Intervalometer (classic or HDR)
* Trap Focus: camera takes a picture when something comes in focus
* Remote release with either the LCD face sensor or audio trigger
* Rack focus
* Stack focus (Live View only)
* Lens data computation
* Onscreen audio meters
* Manual audio gain, selectable input source, disable AGC and digital filters
* Display time remaining during video recording
* Debug functions (display CMOS temperature, screenshot, logging)
* Fine tuning for ISO and shutter speeds; also ISO 25600
* Kelvin white balance
* Clean LiveView display without any overlays (selectable)
* On-demand auto tuning for ISO, shutter & kelvin white balance
* Quick access to some useful settings like HTP, ALO and contrast

We’ve been using the new build for a few days now and not only is it more stable than ever, the new feature set transforms a sub £800 camera into a behemoth which still makes me giggle every time I switch it on!

For more information and to download the code, visit the Magic Lantern Wiki


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