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AXIOM Beta: funding target smashed!

Apertus, developers of AXIOM Beta (The The first open digital cinema camera) have almost doubled their €100,000 indiegogo goal and are continuing to accept contributions to develop the first free software and open hardware digital cinema camera.

Visit their project page on indiegogo here:
Alternatively, visit their page here to make a direct donation to the project:

Definitely starting over!

It’s official – as of today, right now this minute in fact, RollingShutter Films are back on the map!

We’ll be focussing on corporate work initially: social media shouts, publicity shorts, training videos and suchlike, and it’s going to be a bit of a slog as we get this up and running from what has become effectively a standing start but from little acorns… blah blah.

Here’s a little something we threw together just a matter of days before P4u collapsed:

Watch this space!

Starting over?

It’s all over the press – Phones 4u has collapsed, meaning 5,600 people need to find new jobs (myself included)!
It’s a scary time for us all but maybe it was the kick up the rear we needed to stop us becoming complacent?

Personally, I think it’s time to dust off the creative hat and start wearing it full time and with that, here are some of my recent images which I’m selfishly posting to inspire me as I bravely (nervously) take the first step!






We’ve changed domains…

We’re very happy to announce that we recently acquired the .com variant of the site and have moved all of our content over.

Some links may be a little ‘iffy’ but please be assured we have a roll of gaffa tape on stand-by!

Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you again soon.


Cinevate’s Sliders and Dollies – A Music Video BTS

Quote from Cinevate:

We recently had the pleasure of working with Bill Frakes and Laura Heald, Imaginarium and Anya Marina during the music video production of Anya Marina’s Felony Flats.

It was a great opportunity for us to showcase a variety of applications for just about every camera slider and dolly that Cinevate makes.

Cinevate would like to thank…
Bill and Laura
Anya Marina

You can view the finished music video at

Redrock Micro Launches Universal Bundles for DSLR cameras

New Concept in Support Rigs: One Bundle, Multiple Rigs

Hollywood, CA – Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories, today announced the new Universal Bundles for video DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D and 7D. Universal Bundles are a new concept for delivering DSLR support that enables customers to make one purchase and enjoy multiple rig configurations. The Redrock Universal Bundles address customers’ need for more flexibility when purchasing DSLR support equipment, and that the realities of production often require more than one camera support setup.

“Redrock Micro’s Universal Bundles address two key requests from our customers,” said James Hurd, Chief Revolutionary of Redrock Micro. “First, customers want added flexibility in case aren’t 100% sure of the “right rig” for them at the time they purchase, and second they want flexibility to create new rigs as their production demands change. By delivering multiple rigs in a single bundle at an attractive price, Redrock Universal Bundles deliver.”

Redrock is shipping seven universal bundles: one for each of the popular product lines – nano, handheld, shouldermount, and studio – and two “master” bundles that build multiple rigs across product families. The Complete Universal Bundle enables customers to build every HDSLR rig Redrock currently offers. In addition to support for DSLR cameras, the Universal Bundles can be easily adapted for use with the latest video cameras such as the Panasonic AG-AF100, Canon XF300, and Sony PMW-F3. Pricing on Universal Bundle is often less than other solutions that give customers only a single rig. Like all Redrock products, the Universal Bundles carry a Lifetime Warranty.

“Our customers consistently tell us they love Redrock’s ‘mix-and-match’ approach that allows them to build any kind of rig they want,” said Chris Edwards, Cinematographer and Founder of Production Junction, a boutique New York rental house specializing in custom rigs for feature films. “Redrock’s Universal Bundles extend that idea into how customers buy, so they can purchase once and get the flexibility they want, often spending less than the price of a single higher priced rig from another company. Just as C-Stands and Sandbags are the constant companion of lighting equipment, so is Redrock for cameras…they will last an entire career. It’s the must have toolkit for cinematographers.”

Pricing and Availability
Redrock Universal Bundles are available immediately direct from Redrock Micro at or through one of Redrock Micro’s worldwide authorized resellers. Pricing varies based on configuration and starts at $1,276.