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Detonate @ Stealth / Rescue Rooms, Nottingham.

Shot earlier in the year on Canon 550d and 600d, this is the final version of the promo video for the massive Detonate nights in Nottingham.
Was great fun to be amongst such a willing audience and nice to be shooting a corporate piece that didn’t involve conveyor belts or close ups of machinery in motion.


Our new feature, Testament, has now reached the end of its first milestone and the first draft is complete. Now begins the notorious process of paring it back to remove the unnecessary fluff (believe me, there’s plenty).

We’re lucky that the story breaks at the end of Act 1, giving us the perfect opportunity to strip it out and create a self-contained short after a little tweaking. We will be taking this short into production towards the end of this year so we can present a ‘sizzle reel’ to attract potential investment with which to fund the feature.

UPDATE Casting breakdown now live:
The following ad appeared in PCR this week…

RollingShuter Films are casting for an upcoming short film: Testament.

This is an abridged version of a proposed feature film’s first act and is being produced primarily to attract feature funding.

Synopsis: In this satirical romantic comedy, God is frustrated with Mankind’s obsession with the need for proof of His existence. He decides to send another child to earth in order to settle the matter once and for all. Will Mary prove to be the right choice for a surrogate?

Roles being cast:
MARY: Our protagonist is an 18 year old fashion student. She is a tall brunette with an air of innocence about her.
JOSEPH: A 19 year old, ‘unkempt’ looking joiner who is utterly devoted to Mary.
EDITH: Mary’s mother is in her mid/late 30s. She’s rather ‘well-to-do’, with rigid ideas concerning how society expects a young lady to behave.
ROGER: Mary’s dad, also in his mid/late 30s. He lives under the large thumb of Edith.
GOD: Grey/white bearded, absent-minded older man.
GABRIEL: A tall and strikingly handsome angel. He is well spoken and confident, until things go off-plan…

Shooting to take place in London in the Autumn of 2010. Expenses and a copy of the film will be provided and cast members will be considered for paid/deferred roles in the feature should funding applications be successful.

Please send resumes and photographs here.

We’re very excited about this project and its progression so we are launching a new site where we shall be keeping an ongoing production diary:
Visit the dedicated TESTAMENT website here.

The Good Man

Original casting breakdown
ROLLINGSHUTTER Films are casting for an upcoming pilot: The Good Man.

Synopsis: After losing everything, Peter makes a series of poor choices which propel him deep into the heart of the underworld where he becomes the antithesis of everything he once despised.

Roles being cast:
PETER: Our protagonist is in his early thirties with the sort of face your mother would love. He is absent minded and stumbles into trouble at every juncture.
LYDIA: Peter’s wife (soon-to-be ex). Twenty-something, tall, with seductive lips and a ferocious tongue!
SYLVIE: Peter’s nemesis is a 6 year old ‘preenager’ who just won’t stop talking.
CASEY: Sylvie’s mother. In her late twenties, she is a Burberry-clad beauty with a volcanic temper.
DRELZ: A burly underworld leader with a thick neck and a short fuse.
TONY: An up and coming underworld thug with a keen dress sense (which is where his sense ends).
Also require various ‘underworld type’ extras.

Expenses and a copy of the film will be provided.

Please send resumes and photographs here

Originally planned for production in Summer 2010, this shoot has now been postponed until spring/summer 2011.