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State of the art – sneak preview

It’s been a busy couple of months here, working on a promo video for an old friend Mark Lilley for his new album ‘Songs & Guache’. We’re still in production but we’ve finished shooting the beautiful actor Laura Freeman, the star of the piece.

Here’s a sneaky-preview of Laura as she appears in the film.

Hoping to complete the rest of the schedule in October and then crack on with the edit.
Drop back soon for a progress report.

Hospitality @ Brixton O2 Academy

Last night my brother and I shot Hospital Records’ 15th anniversary party at the O2 Academy in Brixton and what a night it was!

Not only did they need a promo video covering what was the most important Drum & Bass night of the year but they wanted additional footage of the whole event for their archives. Since we were recording the archive footage, it was decided that a web stream of the event was also in order, which is where the fun began!

Having never streamed an event before, the logistics were a new playing field for us but we soldiered on barring a couple of hiccups we pulled it off. The main issue was a Firewire cable that refused to lock into the port and which therefore shuffled out of the slot at the slightest vibration, despite gaffer-taping it and the laptop to the table! Bearing in mind thus was a Drum & Bass event, with a sound system which pounded the bass deep into the bones, vibration was going to be an issue.

Further compromises were made when we discovered the limited bandwidth of the internet connection was to be shared with other users, so we had to drop the video quality right down to enable better audio (which was pulled straight out of the mixing deck into the camera’s XLR posts).

This aside, we managed to keep the stream up for about 95% of the night which was deemed a success given the circumstances but as with so many things in this business, the troubles proved to be a valuable learning experience.

Technical hiccups aside, the main filming went well and the new Canon 50mm f1.4 lens sung sweetly in the low light conditions. On focus pulls through a crowd some 4000 strong its depth separation is incredible.

Tweeted a couple of images yesterday @RollingShutter and will get the promo video posted here as soon as it’s approved for release.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need sleep!